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Mobile Operators collaboration model

About IMA

We’ve made their success. We’ve made our success. Now we’ll make YOUR success.

IMA is the global innovation center chosen by both technology startups and major corporations that want the experience, relationships, and tools that will bring them to the next level.

 Digital & Monetization                    IoT                      Cyber & Security  

Big Data & Analytics                      Fintech                  SDN/NFV  

Since 2001, IMA has been nurturing winning ideas and connecting them to our nexus of 150 worldwide partners across North America, Europe, and Asia. Our long-term relationships span corporations from mobile operators to banks and insurance companies, including Sprint (SoftBank), Telefonica, T-mobile, Telia Company, Vimpelcom, Orange,  America Movil, SingTel, Telstra, SK Telecom, KT Telecom, Smart, Turkcell,  MunichRe, SwissRe, UBS, BNP Paribas, Barclays, Societe Generale and among many others.

Looking for a champion? We know how to pick and grow them, thereby rendering your partnering efforts efficient and successful. With our expertise and access to the vast startup ecosystem, we screen and match candidates according to managerial quality, market potential, innovation, and timing.

Those startups that survive the cut are put through IMA’s refinement process, in which we sharpen the business value of their ideas and the professionalism of their organization. The result is a product or service that is better positioned and more launch-worthy, which saves resources for our corporate partners, and, just as importantly, time to market.

Behind these capabilities is IMA’s management team. It’s staffed by veterans from all corners of the innovation world and includes senior executives from high technology conglomerates and some of the planet’s most successful investment funds. Their combined years of professional success enable the optimal selection and development of the best startups around.If you’re interested in discovering brilliant ideas that are more than a diamond in the rough, the IMA is leading the way.

Innovation Acceleration Practice


We spent the last 15 years gaining the magical 20,000 hours of experience, in launching innovative products from the startup eco-system to mobile operators.

Was it easy?

It was one of the toughest jobs. Dealing with a lot of NIH (not invited here…), various types of resistance to change. But also, genuine challenges to the mobile operator market which are around business models, adapting to new technologies, leveraging SAAS/Cloud, duplicating success from other similar markets, etc’.

We also felt that we need to focus on fewer operator partners. Building closer relationships with senior management.

Strategic Partnerships gain success!

So we started shaping the current working model. Which we run for the last 4 years. Its based on a lot of joint learning curve which we gain working with 15-17 key mobile operators around the world.

  • We help mobile operators to identify and priorities the successful products and services that drive their business goals.
  • IMA shares benchmarks from different operators and Financial companies on success stories and failures. Allowing you to duplicate the success of new services, business models, and products.
  • We help foster entrepreneurship and a startup-mindset in organizations, allowing you to capture ideas from your global eco-system.
  • We provide corporates access to the startup and help learn, benchmark and deploy products faster.
  • We manage product deployments through collaboration between startups, corporates, and IMA. Based on 19 years of global experience working with operators.



Playing the innovation/digital transformation game different!

Who is typically involved?

  • CMO and the marketing team
  • Business Segment/Corporate customers/SME
  • Product Development team
  • CTO and the Network team
  • Chief Big Data/Chief Digital
  • CIO and the IT team
  • Security & Cyber team

For each of the teams a customized product mix is build based on global benchmark.


Key Success Factor:

IMA is collaborating with operators to transform based on C-Level/CEO involvement to increase success rate and build internal commitment.


IMA Product Acceleration methodology

Phase 1: Building Product road map Prioritizing business potential

Phase 2: Scouting and Qualification of Products/services

Phase 3: Product on boarding, project management

Phase 4: Deploying products for commercial launch


IMA Partnership with Sprint (a SoftBank company) explained by former Sprint CTO, Mr. Stephen Bye


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