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Digital, AI, Cyber Hub

We are a global startup hub to a unique Digital, AI, Automation & Cyber eco-system.

IMA accelerates the go-to-market of disruptive & innovative startups by building partnerships with Banks, Insurance and Credit card companies.

We assist corporates to deploy innovation leveraging technology & products from startups

We build close relationships with CXOs who are looking to succeed in the challenging task of digital transformation by deploying innovation.  We have created a successful model of corporate-eco-system partnerships based on 15 years’ of successful track record, working in incubating products.

Our Key product areas are:

  • Cyber & Security
  • Digital/Automation
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • DevOps/Cloud
  • IoT
  • IT/DevOps
  • Fintech


We turned Deploying innovation into a proven process

  1. Ideation

Foster digital transformation by defining your innovation road map, and prioritizing product options.
Great products come to life from different parts of the ecosystem. Combining your business challenges with amazing innovations and success stories which we can share. This will open a new spectrum of options for your team.

  1. Explore Potential

Leverage our startup network, deep relationships in the ecosystem to discover relevant products, understand key innovation trends. Allowing you to lead your market based on new technology trends. Presenting you with the first successful deployments of a new product, business model, or cost-saving technology allows you to be in the cutting edge of technology innovation.

  1. Cherry Pick success

In a crowded world of endless products, technologies, startups, and innovation. The key to success is to prioritize your product funnel based on business potential, simplicity of deployment, ability to differentiate, or ability to craft a unique digital experience.
We are experts in helping your corporate pick the potential ‘home run’ product.

  1. Proof of Concept

Quickly test products to evaluate the relevancy of your specific use case or business model. Being agile is critical in today’s digital era. Our portfolio of startups can setup PoCs in a matter of days or weeks, allowing you to explore the product fit and help you make a faster decision.


  1. Commercial Deployment

Accelerate your ability to commercially launch new products. Speed your product launch cycle based on the maturity of products, benchmarking business models, or cost savings from other markets. During 15 years of working with corporates on various projects, we understand the many constraints that can slow such a process. We have a proactive, lean approach that enables a higher rate of success.