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Cyber Solutions

For the past 10 years, IMA has been relentlessly scouting for innovative cyber products which bring disruptive capabilities to the CISO.
Leveraging a global network of more than 150 leading CISOs. IMA validated the most promising Cyber products, which are head of the curve.

  1. Zero Trust:
    1. micro-segmentation
    2. SASE/WAN/ZTNA/Remote Access.
  2. SaaS Security
  3. Cloud Identity
    1. Public Cloud Security
    2. Cloud Data Security
    3. Managing Cloud Identity
  4. AD/DR (Disaster Recovery)
  5. Identity & Authorization: ‘Identity is the new parameter’
  6. Data Security/Privacy
  7. Website Security
  8. SecDevOps, DevOps
  9. Cyber Automation