About the Company
  • Cellrox provides a mobile security solution to allow for companies to easily adopt a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy by co-hosting two or more personas on a single mobile device. The advantage of using Cellrox is that it allows corporations, and invdividuals, to maintain standards of security and privacy to the full extent, aligning with how people actually work and while maintaining native experience and performance. Cellrox presents the least friction to a successful BYOD implementation in a company with little to no change management required. 

Unique Selling Points
Cellrox ensures BYOD success in that it provides a practical solution requiring the least change management in a company and does so with no compromise to security and privacy. BYOD success directly impacts a company's bottom line and risk:
  • Compliance - Cellrox provides the security benefis of two phones, but on the practicality of one device, providing a realistic user experience to the employee and ensuring compliance.
  • Attracting talent - Cellrox enables a user to keep their personal persona intact while delivering the necessary corporate tools on the professional persona.
  • Supporting new employment models - Cellrox supports flexible access to corporate resources for the duration of employment with easy separation at termination.





Forty-six percent of all new operating systems in mobile device are­ Android. Android is also the most open platform out there - popular with users, but a nightmare for IT departments and corporations wanting to protect their company applications and data accessible by the device. What happens when you throw the on-fire
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) market into the mix?
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Product Highlights & Features
  • Delivery of multiple personas on a single device, where each persona is a full native Android system independent from the other.
  • Maintaining the native performance and experience of the device with no need to modify applications.
  • Comprehensive platform security (SE-Android, SECCOMP) and support for all MDM providers.
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